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Keberhasilan Green Day membuat album AMERICAN IDIOT terntaya tidak selalu membawa berkah. Single yang berjudul sama dengan nama album, AMERICAN IDIOT sedang mendapat 2 masalah serius.

Serangan pertama datang dari Frontman The Killers, Brandon Flowers. Dia merasa tersinggung dengan lirik American Idiot, menurutnya Billie Joe Armstrong dkk melakukan tindakan anti amerika lewat lagu tersebut. Liriknya seolah memberi kesan negatif kalau warga Amerika adalah sekumpulan orang idiot.

Green Day memang berhak menyanyi dan menulis lirik bermuatan politis, sama seperti yang dilakukan Bruce Springsteen dengan Born In the USA-nya. Pada lagu tersebut, Springsteen memberi komentar pahit kampanye presiden AS pada tahun 1984, namun tanpa unsur penghinaan.

Lain halnya dengan yang dilakukan Green Day. Menurut Flowers, band ini berada pada jalur yang salah. Pemberian judul American Idiot juga dinilai memberi pandangan negatif.

Masalah kedua datang dari seorang warga asal oregon bernama Paul McPike. Ia mengklaim bahwa ia pernah membuat lirik dan melodi single American Idiot. McPike berpendapat lirik lagu itu adalah hasil ciptaannya pada tahun 1992, ketika masih duduk di bangku SMA.

McPike tidak pernah mempublikasikan lirik lagu buatannya kepada orang lain, kecuali teman dekatnya. Ia membuat karya itu dalam bentuk kaset dan dijadikan hadiah untuk sang teman.

Yang membuatnya terkejut, ternyata lagu itu booming pada tahun 2004, setelah sukses dinyayikan Green Day. Mulanya McPike berusaha menghubungi Green Day dan Warner Music untuk meminta klarifikasi yang jelas atas lagu yang diklaim miliknya itu.

Namun, kejelasan yang ia minta tidak kunjung digubris. Akhirnya McPikemengambil jalan alternatif terakhir dengan mengajukan tuntutan ke pengadilan atas kasus pencurian ide. Sampai saat ini masih belum ada perkembangan dan konfirmasi dari pihak Green Day atas kasus ini.



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gd1.jpgBillie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt are the actual founders of the band Sweet Children, which we know today as Green Day. When they were ten years old (1982), the duo met in the cafeteria of John Sweet High School in Crockett, California. During sleepovers at each other’s houses, they played songs by old heavy metal warhorses such as Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard, and Van Halen. Other influences would be the “thrash and drang” of the Bay Area’s alternative music culture percolating throughout the eighties. Clubs such as Mabuhay Gardens and Berkeley’s 924 Gilman Street regularly showcased local groups like the Dead Kennedys and Buck Naked. Billie Joe was 14 when he wrote his first song, “Why Do You Want Him?”, a song about his mother and stepfather. In 1987, Billie Joe and Mike recruited drummer John Kriftmeyer (aka Al Sobrante) and formed the band Sweet Children. They played their first official gig at Rod’s Hickory Pit in Vallejo, CA. Soon, they started playing at clubs on the infamous Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA.
As Green Day, they recorded their first EP, 1,000 Hours, in two days when they were 17 and seniors in high school. Soon, Mike graduated, however Billie Joe dropped out one day prior to his 18th birthday. They followed up the 1,000 Hours EP with numberous pressings of the “Sweet Children” EP, and also the “Slappy” EP. Their official debut album came in 1990, a combination of all the previous EP, and named “1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours”. The album was released by local indie label. Soon after, John Kriftmeyer decided to leave the band to presue college, so Billie and Mike recruited Gilman Street vetran, Tre Cool. Tre had been playing in the band, The Lookouts!, since he was 12. Members of The Lookouts include Lawrence Livermore, the owner of Lookout! Records. In 1991, Tre debuted on Green Day’s second album, “Kerpunk!”.images4.jpg
Green Day built its following the old-fashioned way — they earned it. Before they even hooked up with a major label, the band had already completed five national tours, driving their renovated bookmobile (with Tre’s father at the wheel) coast to coast and crashing on friends’ and fan’s floors. After capturing the attention of producer Rob Cavallo of Reprise Records. Faced with a hard choice, the guys decided to sign onto a major label in April 1993, and soon started recorded the album that would through them into stardom, 1994’s “Dookie”.
Pandemonium struck when their Reprise debut, “Dookie”, was released and Green Day introduced an ever-expanding audience to the energy and insanity of punk rock. With the 14 loud’n’fast tunes of “Dookie” clocking in at only 39 minutes, 1993 suddenly sounded more like 1977. Soon, Green Day’s songs about picking scabs, pyromania and masturbation had become unofficial national anthems. Green Day was singing about its own distinct form of malcontent, but it seemed there was a world of followers who felt their pain and wanted to laugh –and mosh — along with it. Immaturity was cool again. “Dookie” went on to sell more than 10 million copies in the U.S. alone, and Green Day won a Grammy in 1994 for “Best Alternative Music Performance.” Of course, this led some of the gang back on Gilman Street to cry “sell-out” and “mainstream,” but one listen to Green Day and you’d know this wasn’t some watered- down white-bread punk designed to impress your parents.
On their next few albums, “Insomniac” and “Nimrod”, Green Day has managed to stay true to the punk attitude while proving they’re not just one-trick ponies or even three-chord monkeys. On Nimrod, note the surf-style instrumental, “Last Ride,” and the string section of “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”, which was featured prominently on an episode of ER and the final installment of Seinfield. By this time, the members were starting families, and it was becoming apparent that they were maturing as individuals and as a band. They wanted to take some time off to be with their families and enjoy life. So after the success of “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)”, Green Day took a two year break.
In 2000, Green Day hit the music scene once again with their album “Warning”. The album is a different sound for the band, a more mellow punk if you will. Unfortunatly, the album wasn’t very well accepted by critics and fans alike. The biggest hit from the album was the song “Minority”.
So after another four years with a few tours and a couple of compliation albums (International Superhits! in 2001 and Shenanigans in 2002), but no new material from Green Day, fans were hit with the September 2004 released of “American Idiot”, an album which lashes out against the American government and the media. “American Idiot” was the first Green Day ever to debut at #1 on the Billboard Charts, and other music charts around the world. The album’s title track, was an instant success. The follow up single, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” experienced a must greater success. “American Idiot” was nominated for seven Grammy awards, and took home one, “Best Rock Album”. The release and success of this album proved that Green Day are indeed the biggest rock band in the world.

Billie Joe Armstrong Biography

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FULL NAME : Billie Joe Armstrong
AGE/BIRTHDATE : 35; born February 17, 19721.jpg
HOMETOWN : Rodeo, California, USA
HEIGHT : 5′7
MARITAL STATUS : Married Adrienne Nesser (July 2, 1994)
CHILDREN : Joseph Marciano; born in March of 1995, and Jakob Danger; born September of 1998.
FAMILY : Billie’s father, Andy, died of cancer when he was 10 years old (September 1982). His mom, Ollie, raised him from then on. He has 5 older siblings (David, Allen, Marcy, Holly, and Anna).
WHEELS : A black BMW convertible.
INSTRUMENTS : Guitar, harmonica, mandolin, drums, piano, and most recently, the saxophone.
RECORD COMPANY : Billie and Adrienne have co-ownership of Adeline Records.
OTHER BANDS : Billie still plays with. He has also played with The Influents, Corrupted Morals, Rancid, the Lookouts, Goodbye Harry, and Blatz.

Billie Joe Armstrong was brought into this world on February 17, 1972, the youngest of six children. His father, Andy, was a part time jazz musician and a truck driver for Safeway, while his mother was a waitress at a local resturant named Rod’s Hickory Pit. Billie started singing when he was just 5 years old. He would go around to hospitals and sing to the patients to make them feel better. Then he got to record his first song, “Look for Love” at a local recording company named Fiat Records. Billie got his first electric guitar, the infamous “Blue” (a Fernandes Stratocaster), when he was 11. Billie still uses Blue to this day and has several replicas of it. At the age of 10, Billie’s father died of cancer to the esophagus which spread throughout his body. His mother continued to work at Rod’s Hickory Pit (a barbecue joint owned by Richard and Alice Cotton) in Vallejo, California, to support herself and her six kids. Billie Joe and Mike later worked there as busboys. Two years after the death of his father, his mother remarried to a man that Billie and his siblings detested.
Billie was 10 when he met Mike Dirnt in the school cafeteria in 1982. During sleepovers at each other’s houses, they played songs by old heavy metal warhorses such as Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard, and Van Halen. Other influences would be the “thrash and drang” of the Bay Area’s alternative music culture percolating throughout the eighties. Clubs such as Mabuhay Gardens and Berkeley’s 924 Gilman Street regularly showcased local groups like the Dead Kennedys and Buck Naked. He wrote his first song, “Why Do You Want Him”, a song about his mother and his step father, when he was 14. At the age of 15, Billie, Mike, and a drummer named John formed a punk band and named themselves Sweet Children. Their first gig was actually at Rod’s Hickory Pit. One day before his 18th birthday, and halfway through his senior year of high school, Billie dropped out of high school (Pinole Valley High School) to devote all his time to Sweet Children. He knew what he wanted to do — play music, and school was just getting in the way. At this point, Billie had the nickname “Two Dollar Bill”, referring to the price of the joints he sold.
In 1990, John left the band to attend college. Billie and Mike were faced with the task of finding a new drummer. They knew the perfect fit, Tre Cool, a Gilman Street vetran, who was then playing in the Lookouts. Later, Sweet Children was renamed Green Day. Before they knew it, they were traveling all over the country in an old bookmobile with Tre’s dad at the wheel. They did all this with little money and staying at fan’s houses. It was in Minneapolis in 1990 when Billie first laid eyes on his future wife, a girl named Adrienne Nesser. They dated awhile and then were married on July 2, 1994, a 5 minute ceremony. The day after their wedding, Adrienne found out she was pregnant. Their son, Joseph Marcicano Armstrong, was born in March of 1995. Three years later on September 12, 1998, another boy, Jakob Danger was added to the Armstrong family. Today, Billie, Adrienne, Joseph, and Jakob reside in Berkeley, California.

Mike Dirnt Biography

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21.jpgFULL NAME : Michael Ryan Pritchard (Dirnt)
AGE/BIRTHDATE : 34; born May 4, 1972
HOMETOWN : Berkeley, California, USA
HEIGHT : 5′10
MARITAL STATUS : Mike recently got married in 2004, but is now divorced after his wife left him because “he was spending too much time in the studio.” Mike has a new girlfriend.
CHILDREN : Estelle Desiree (Stella); born April 1997, to ex-wife, Anastasia
FAMILY : Mike was adopted. His adoptive parents divorced when he was 7, and both are now remarried. I know Mike has at least one step sister, named Myla, but I don’t know of anymore.
RESTAURANT : Rudy’s Can’t Fail Café, in Emeryville, CA.
INSTRUMENTS : Bass, farfisa, guitar, drums, and a baseball bat.
OTHER BANDS : Mike still plays with The Frustrators. He has also played with Screeching Weasel, Crummy Musicians, and Squirtgun.

Michael Ryan Pritchard, now known as Mike Dirnt, was born on May 4, 1972. Mike’s mother was a heroin addict. He was given up for adoption when he was a baby, to a Native american mother and a white father. When he was 7, his adoptive parents got a divorce. Mike lived with his father for awhile, but confrontations sent him back to his mother. He lived there on the borderline of proverty, while his sister left home at the age of 13. “There were all sorts of things happening,” says Mike. “When I was in fourth or fifth grade, my mom stayed out all night, came home the next day with a guy, and he moved in. I’d never met the guy before, and all of a sudden he’s my stepdad. We didn’t get along for years. Later on, when I hit high school, my mom moved away from us, and me and my stepdad got real close. He instilled a lot in me. The one thing my family did give me is blue-collar morals. But then he died when I was 17.”
By that point, Mike had already moved out, leaving home when he was 15 to live out of his truck. He then rented a room in Billie’s house, and later he lived in a punk squatter building. Billie and Mike began living for their weekends at the Gilman Street Project. Mike still continued to go to school, play in Sweet Children (which later became Green Day of course), and live on his own. He supported himself by working as a cook. Mike almost didn’t graduate from high school, because his mother refused to sign one of his mandatory-attendance forms. “I took my mom aside,” Mike says. “I said, ‘This is how it is. You have so much shit going on in your life, so if once every semester you ask me if I’ve done my homework and jump all over my case, that’s not right. Have I failed yet? No. And I’m going to graduate if you stay off my back. The one time in your life you chose to have morals, and it’s going to fuck me up. Don’t play mom once a year. It doens’t fucking cut it.’” In the end, Mike did graduate from high school, and he even took more than a year’s worth of courses at a community college. Then Billie and Mike moved into a squat in Oakland, California (the inspiration for “Welcome to Paradise”).
Mike married his long time girlfriend Anastasia in 1996 and their daughter, Estella-Desiree was born in April 1997. Mike loves his daughter very much, and his nickname for her is “Hero”. Today, Mike and Anastasia are separated, but still remain very good friends. He recently was remarried in 2004, however his wife left him because he spending too much time in the studio recording American Idiot. Mike is currently dating, and he resides in Oakland, California. He also owns a café/resturant named, after a song by the Clash. The café is located in Emeryville, CA.

Tre Cool Biography

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FULL NAME : Frank Edwin Wright III
AGE/BIRTHDATE : 34; born December 9, 1972
HOMETOWN : Willits, California, USA35.jpg
HEIGHT : 5′6 (?)
MARITAL STATUS : Married his long time girlfriend Lisea Lyons in March of 1995. They divorced sometime after. In May 2000, he married Claudia. In 2003, he and Claudia broke up.
CHILDREN : Ramona, born January 1995 to ex-wife, Lisea Lyons; Frankito (”Little Frank”), born 2001 to Claudia.
FAMILY : Tre grew up with his father and 2 siblings. He now lives in Oakland, California with his ex-wife, Claudia, and son, Frankito.
INSTRUMENTS : Drums, the accordion, and the guitar.
OTHER BANDS : Tre has also played with The Lookouts and Samiam.
Frank Edwin Wright III was born December 9, 1972 in Frankfurt, Germany, making him the youngest member of Green Day. He lived in the Mendocino mountains, California with his dad and his 2 older siblings. His dad, a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, decided the move the family there to insulate them upon his return to the United States. Tre’s closest neighbor was none other than Lookout! Records owner Lawrence Livermore, who also owned the punk band the Lookouts. At age 12, Livermore recruited Tre to join The Lookouts, and that’s when Livermore gave him the name of Tre Cool (which means Very Cool in French). After Green Day’s first tour around the country (following the release of 39/Smooth), John Kriftmeyer decided to leave Green Day. Looking no farther than Gilman Street, Billie Joe and Mike recruited Tre, who was already a 5 year veteran of the Gilman Street scene.
Tre decided to drop out of high school his sophmore year. However, he did pass an equivalency test and earned his GED, and he even began taking classes at a nearby community college. He had to drop out of college however, when the demands of Green Day’s touring intensified. Tre’s father, who owns a small trucking company, overhauled a used bookmobile, and even served as the driver on three seperate tours. “I watched them go from a bunch of kids to a group of musicians with work eithic,” says Tre’s father, Frank Wright. “On their first tour or two, it was more of a party than anything else. I still scratch my head and say, ‘How in the hell did they make it?’ They used to practice in my living room here — a lot of the songs they did on Dookie. You hear it coming together, and you don’t expect people are going to go out and buy it. But when it does, you just say, ‘Wow, that’s so cool.’” (, January 26, 1995)
Tre had a daughter named Ramona in January of 1995, then he married his long time girlfriend Lisea Lyons in March. Him and Lisea are divorced now, but Tre remarried in May of 2000, to Claudia. Claudia and him have a son named Frankito, which means “Little Frank”. Tre and Claudia divorced in 2003, but they still live together with Frankito in Oakland, California. Recently, Tre has been linked to Donna C., drummer of, however they are no longer together.


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